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Rural & Slum Development Organisation cherishes to serve people in distress and destitute and help them out in leading a productive, prosperous and peaceful life.

There can be no denial that people living in villages and urban slums face deprivation, marginalization and destitution in various parts of the country and call for many hands to join endeavours for alleviating their conditions. According to Census of India 2001, over 70% population in India lives in rural areas whereas 22.58% of population in 607 cities and towns of the country comprise slum dwellers. Delhi harbours one of the major conglomerates of slum dwellers with over 2 million people living in slum areas contributing around one-fourth of Delhi's population. Other metros have almost the similar trends. Both these categories of people are highly backward and deprived even of the basic amenities of human life what to speak of their education, health, social and economic conditions. Hence, these hapless people deserve all out efforts for their upliftment. Our organisation keeps this under-development segment of society in its sharp focus and intends to serve these people in various ways.

The DRSDO envisages 5-point programme for its target segments:

1. To generate awareness and sensitise people regarding the basic causes of their backwardness and to persuade them to change the course of life.
2. To make arrangements for quality education in rural and slum areas.
3. To promote better health and hygiene in rural and slum areas.
4. To create opportunities for better livelihood of the rural and slum families.
5. To fight for the cause of the target segments and arouse their spirits to struggle for a better life.

For achieving these objectives, the organisation has planned the following schemes:

   a. Awareness campaigns in selected localities and areas.
   b. Lobbying for quality education both in public and private systems of education.
   c. Scholarships and financial help to students of poor and needy families.
   d. Financial assistance to needy and destitute specially on their income generating proposals.
   e. Health camps for free check up, distribution of free medicines and health awareness.
   f. Legal education and legal aid.
   g. Drinking water systems for rural and slum areas.
   g. Survey of conditions of chosen localities for deeper planning leading to alleviation of their glaring

The DRSDO is duly registered as a public charitable trust, Regd. No. 1510 and its registration for income tax benefits is under process. A devoted team of philanthropic souls manages it and it cherishes to achieve concrete results soon.

Ä Medical Camps: 10
Ä School Level Scholarships: 50
Ä Assistance to Widows & Divorcees: 10
Ä Youth Awareness Programmes: 10
Ä Women Awareness Programmes: 10
Ä Legal education camp: 10
Ä Drinking water facilities: 10

Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Mrs. Shweta Kumar
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